Switch is a eLearning solutions provider.


Switch partners with Global eLearning solution providers which enables me to offer a range of best practise systems and products.




  • To empower people through interactive eLearning solutions transferring knowledge and building skills.

  • To provide a tailor made eLearning solutions through service excellence.




  • To play a significant role in contributing to the ethos of life-long learning for all.

  • To provide my clients with a service that is delivered with passion and that exceeds expectations.

  • To implement the most effective blended learning solutions by utilising best practice systems and products.

Tanya Botha - Founder of Switch

eLearning Developer & Trainer


"I specialise in Rapid course creation using Authoring tools utilised by Fortune 500 companies around the globe. I design and develop tailor made solutions to my clients. I take content and turn them into engaging modules that are track-able within a Learning Management System.


My passion is eLearning and Education. I love what I do!

I want to help you with your eLearning needs.


In The News

How eLearning Dramatically Reduces the Corporate Training Costs.


Regardless of their respective industries or their budget size, organisations are always looking for a way to cut costs and improve their bottom line.


One of the key areas that often requires a large chunk of resources is employee training.


Developing necessary skill sets and delivering vital information to staff members is typically a significant and necessary investment.


However, what if there was a simple and straightforward way to reduce corporate training costs while boosting the efficiency of your training efforts?


There are a number of examples proving that eLearning is in fact lowering the cost of employee training. Research has shown that moving your training online not only allows you to allocate valuable resources to other areas of your budget, but also makes the training process even more effective.

    I am very excited to work with Switch in the near future. As a manager I am responsible for about 400 stores nationally and by partnering with Switch I look forward to the prospect of being able to target all our stores simultaneously. I will be albe to report on the store consultant's progress once they have completed the courses.  This is currently not possible.This will be a huge time and cost saver in future.



— Jacques Botha